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I’ve moved. Please follow me to http://pbjhomeschool.com/
Hope to see you there! 🙂


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South Korea

India is where we are in Story of the World so we are going to skip around in Galloping the Globe so we can be in the same place for history and geography next week.  Should be fun!  I’ll head to the library by myself on Sunday afternoon (my time for planning) and pick up our books! Today we read Chapter 9 in STW and we’ll catch up in GTG on Monday.  We still have a little more to cover of South Korea today and tomorrow…..

Indie's Indus King

And Beluga's

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Back to Reality

IMG_0127, originally uploaded by pbjhomeschool.

Time to get back to lessons tomorrow. My husband has today (Monday) off so I’m using it as my planning day. It might be a slow start getting back into the groove. We have had 14 days away from a steady schedule….

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Coconut Mararoons

IMG_3863, originally uploaded by pbjhomeschool.

These cookies are super yummy. I’m taking them tomorrow night to a homeschool Christmas tea/cookie and ornament exchange. Here is the recipe! They are easy! I melted chocolate and dipped the bottom for a little extra yum!

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Disco Christmas Lights

photo_538, originally uploaded by pbjhomeschool.

Christmas 2009 – we finally contributed to the neighborhood with arches. Out arches had a bonus feature, disco lights! The lights all have a little flashlight effect. The kids think it’s very neat!

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Our Florida Winter Garden 2009

IMG_3794, originally uploaded by pbjhomeschool.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, strawberries, peppers, and lettuce in this box, more herbs and lettuces in others. This year we have 2 square foot gardens and many containers going. I’m looking forward to more of a harvest this year.

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Our J turns 5!!!


Our first stop this morning was our local zoo.  This is how she wanted to spend the morning.  We have an annual pass and love to do this.


One of our favorite places to pose for photos at the zoo.  Guess I should have pulled her hair back for her. 🙂


This is probably the real reason she wanted to go to the zoo.  With all of the public school kids in school, we had the place to ourselves!


After the zoo, we made it home.  We had friends over to swim and have pizza and cake.  It was a very nice day!


I love seeing J’s personality coming though…

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